Blue Lagoon cocktail: recipe, doses and ingredients of the vodka and blue curacao drink

  • Vodka
    • 231 kcal

  • Blue curacao

  • Lemon juice

    • 750 kcal
  • Sugar Syrup

Calories refer to 100 grams of product

the Blue Lagoon Cocktail is a drink also known in Italy as blue lagoon cocktail, a after dinner based on Vodka, lime juice or lemon e Sugar Syrup, from Alcohol content that hovers around the 14% vol. A simple cocktail, to be prepared directly in the glass in which it will be served. without the shaker, which became famous for its pungent flavor and freshness. Regarding the the story of this drink, however, it is said that the Blue Lagoon was born in 1972 at Paris, atHarry’s New York bar, courtesy of bartender Andy MacElhone, though many mistakenly associate the cocktail with the cult 1980 movie “Blue Lagoon”. Here are the ingredients, the doses and the preparation of this cocktail with a blue color and a fresh and lemony taste.

How to prepare the Blue Lagoon cocktail

Blue Lagoon cocktail recipe doses and ingredients of the vodka

Blue Lagoon cocktail recipe doses and ingredients of the vodka

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Squeeze the lime and strain the juice (1) with a fine strainer. Add the sugar syrup and stir until dissolved, making it sweet and salty. Put the ice (2) in the mixing glass, add the vodka, blue curacao and sweet and sour, then mix with a bar spoon. Pour the drink into a glass with ice cubes, strain through the colander and garnish with a lime wedge, if you prefer. Your Blue Lagoon cocktail is ready to be served (3).


You can also serve the Blue Lagoon cocktail with the sugar crust, so as to attenuate the acidic effect of the cocktail. You can also replace lime juice with lemon juice.

If you like cocktails made with vodka, also try Sex on the beach, made with vodka, orange juice and cranberry juice, or Caipiroska, made with vodka, lime and brown sugar. If, on the other hand, you want to try other blue cocktails, also prepare the Blue Angel, with gin, cointreau and blue curacao, or the Blue Hawaiian, with light rum, vodka, blue curacao, sweet and sour and pineapple juice. .