Café de Lecce: the recipe for the Salento drink with almond milk

  • Mocha coffee
    2 cups
    • 1 kcal

  • Ice cubes

  • Almond milk

    80 ml
    • 600 kcal

Calories refer to 100 grams of product

the Lecce cafe, Also known as coffee with ice, is a preparation typical of Salento made with mocha coffee or with the espresso machine, ice to almond milk. The ideal drink to start the day or to sip hot summer afternoons. Regarding the history of this tasty and thirst-quenching coffee, many claim that it was born in Lecce at mid 1900s, thanks to the roasters of Fourth family, who created it in their bar with coffee, almond milk – prepared with almonds and sugar dissolved in water – and ice pick right now. The ice chips immediately cooled the drink, without affecting the strong flavor of the coffee; almond milk, on the other hand, gave the drink the right sweetness, replacing the sugar. Another popular version is the one that places the birth of Lecce iced coffee in Spain, especially in Valence; from there it then arrived in Salento to early 1600s, with the name of cafe del tiempo, also served with a lemon wedge. Over time it would have lost its original name and the addition of lemon, becoming the iced coffee we know today.

Lecce coffee can be made with ice or “soufflé”, that is to say mounted a few seconds with steam from the espresso machine. In the preparation at home I ice cubes: it is advisable to use gods full and large cubes, so that they do not melt immediately, avoiding diluting the drink.

Enjoy your Lecce coffee with a delicious pasticciotto, a typical Lecce cake that is eaten for breakfast, as a snack or as a dessert.

If you like cold coffee, try Shake Coffee or Grandpa’s Coffee, simple and delicious, perfect to enjoy in the summer.

How to prepare Lecce coffee or coffee with ice cream

Cafe de Lecce the recipe for the Salento drink with

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Brew the coffee with the mocha and set it aside (1). Pour the cold almond milk from the refrigerator into a glass: 40 milliliters for each glass. Add 4 ice cubes each and slowly add the coffee (2). Mix with a spoon, without exaggerating, and serve immediately. Your Lecce coffee is ready to be tasted (3).


Consume Lecce coffee immediately after preparation, very cold.