Cheeseburger: the recipe for the famous American sandwich

  • Ground beef not too lean
    650 grams

  • Sliced ​​Emmental
    4 slices

  • Sesame buns for burgers

  • vine tomatoes

  • lettuce leaves
    to taste

  • Mayonnaise

    to taste
    • 690 kcal
  • Ketchup
    to taste

  • spicy pickled pickles
    to taste

  • salt

    to taste
    • 21 kcal

Calories refer to 100 grams of product

the Cheeseburger is a great American classic: a soft sesame sandwich contains a delicious meat burger, covered with melted cheese. It is the typical dish of street food American, loved by young and old and perfect for a barbecue in company or one dinner on the couch in front of the television. The fundamental ingredient, which characterizes and gives its name to this richly filled sandwich, is precisely the cheese: the latter must be able to assemble, whatever type you can choose according to your tastes. For the remaining items, like salad, sauces and tomato, the variations and variations on the theme are endless. We stick to the traditional ones, complemented by pickled pickles. Discover the key milestones to make the perfect cheeseburger with a soft and juicy meat medallion.

How to make the cheeseburger

Shape the burgers

Using squares of baking paper as a base and a ring about 10 cm in diameter, distribute the meat – about 150 g for each medallion – and shape the burgers without too much handling and overheating by compacting it quickly (1).

spread the mayonnaise

Prepare all the accompanying ingredients: cut the tomatoes into slices and wash the lettuce. Then cut the sandwiches in half and brown them inside on a hot plate. Finally sprinkle them with a layer of mayonnaise (2).

cook the burgers

Heat a non-stick grill well and, when hot, flip the burgers using baking paper (3). Remove the paper and brown over high heat, turning the meat from time to time, without crushing it (so as not to let out the juice).

add cheese

As soon as the meat is well colored, season with a pinch of salt and place a slice of cheese on each medallion (4). Then turn off the heat and wait a minute for it to melt, without touching.

compose the sandwich

Compose the sandwich by placing a salad leaf, a tomato, a hamburger with cheese and finally the sliced ​​pickles on the mayonnaise. Sprinkle with ketchup (5).

cheeseburger recipe

Close the sandwich with the second half and eventually stop it with a toothpick to bring it to the table (6).


Del was used to make the meat medallions Ground beef which should be of the highest quality and not too lean, so that it remains very soft and juicy; if you prefer, you can use a part of ground beef (or veal, chicken, turkey …) and a part of pork sausage: it will be even tastier.

We used the more classic sauces, but, if you wish, you can replace them with others to your liking: mustard, yogurt, barbecue sauce; if you prefer, you can also make mayonnaise and ketchup at home, for a much more authentic result.

Choose a voucher stringy cheese, like Emmental, Cheddar or even Provolone and Scamorza: the important thing is that it can be mixed.

For a vegetarian version, try the lentil or chickpea burger.


We recommend that you prepare cheeseburgers and enjoy it hot and fragrant for the moment; in case you have any leftovers, you can keep them in the refrigerator, tightly sealed, for maximum One day.