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The chocolate sorbet it has no dairy products among the ingredients, no milk or cream, unlike chocolate ice cream, which, for this reason, is more dense and creamy. However, the sorbet has a pleasant consistency, also thanks to the use of carob seed flour which, in the absence of fat, increases the silkiness and body of the finished product.

The recipe for this sorbet does not require eggs. The secret is to use del quality chocolate.

For this preparation, a home ice cream maker with compressor is required. When you start stirring the ice cream in the ice cream maker, follow this advice: put the glasses in which you want to serve it in the freezer, especially on hot summer days the ice cream will stay more compact for longer.

With chocolate sorbet, cream ice cream or strawberry sorbet, you can indulge yourself in the composition of greedy ice cream cakes. Let them settle in the freezer a few hours before serving.

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Preparation time
20 min
Resting place
Rest time




How to prepare: Chocolate sorbet

Preparation of Chocolate Sorbet - Phase 1

Preparation of Chocolate Sorbet - Phase 1

To prepare the chocolate sorbet, in a saucepan, bring the water with the sugar, honey, glucose and carob flour to the boil, emulsifying well. Remove from the heat, add the dark chocolate and emulsify for a long time.

Preparation of Chocolate Sorbet - Phase 2

Preparation of Chocolate Sorbet - Phase 2

Allow the mixture to cool completely and then stir in the ice cream maker.

Preparation of Chocolate Sorbet - Phase 3

Serve the chocolate sorbet once the creaming is complete.