Cold dishes: 8 ideal recipes for hot days

With the arrival of the summer heat turn on the oven and the stove it can really look like it a heroic feat and, whether at the beach, in the office or by the pool, we prefer fresh and light dishes, prepare in advance And to serve strictly cold. How to prepare tasty lunches and dinners without spending hours and hours with pots and pans? Forget the classic seafood salad and push grandma’s ragù back until the temperatures drop: here it is 8 second cold dishes, based on meat or fish and with delicious vegetarian dishes so as not to give up the taste and to beat the heat with a knife and a fork.

1. Caesar salad

Cold dishes 8 ideal recipes for hot days

A great classic of starred cuisine, perfect for a fresh and nutritious dinner: the Caesar salad is a complete dish, really. very easy to prepare. Invented by an Italian chef who emigrated to the USA, Caesar salad is the ideal recipe for those who do not want to stay in the kitchen, but do not want to give up a tasty and balanced meal. And if you like to experiment in the kitchen, try the Chicken Caesar Salad version, in our opinion the perfect salad.

2. Vitello tonnato

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A simple and tasty dish, rich in flavor and history, vitello tonnato is a fresh and very easy to cook recipe, also excellent to prepare in advance and to serve, of course, cold. Girello di fassona seasoned with a tuna sauce: a dish reminiscent of the legendary 80s and that, over time, even the great chefs have wanted to revisit and revisit; a timeless dish of our tradition not to be missed in your summer menus and beyond.

3. Lemon chicken

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Lemon chicken is a second cold dish authentic and light: a simple and fragrant recipe, ready in minutes. If you are looking for one light recipe but that you do not lack taste and that you do not want to stay too much in the kitchen, a good plate of lemon chicken strips on a bed of fresh arugula is the one for you. Also ideal for a lunch break at the office, light but nutritious.

4. Cold zucchini roll

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A second course ready in a few minutes, from taste cold and ideal for aperitifs and quick lunches, the zucchini roll with robiola and ham is a gourmet and delicious recipe, very easy to prepare. In summer, zucchini are the undisputed queens of our kitchens and with this recipe you can taste them in an authentic and tasty way: the sweetness of zucchini, the smoothness of the cheese and the taste of ham, what more could you ask for? ask for?

5. Beef strips with cucumbers


A quick, fresh and typically summer: Beef strips with cucumbers are the right recipe for those who do not want to spend too much time in the kitchen, but do not want to give up on a tasty dinner, to be served with a good glass of cold wine. A refined recipe in which the crunchy cucumber Meet the soft beef, just seared in a pan, all perfumed with a delicate and decisive flavor mustard emulsion in grains, well worth a try.

6. Greek salad

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A summer dish you may already know: Greek Feta Tomato Salad is a quick and easy recipe to prepare. to be served as second course or how single course, the Greek salad will allow you to enjoy a dinner or a lunch without having to turn on the oven and the stove: tomatoes, feta, onion and cucumbers, the important thing is not to forget the tzatziki sauce and maybe a soft pita, the typical bread of the Greek tradition.

7. Chickpeas with tuna sauce

chickpeas with tuna sauce

A’fresh and delicious vegetable salad, ideal for hot days when the mere thought of cooking makes us hungry: chickpeas in tuna sauce are one of them simple and authentic recipe, ideal for a summer dinner or lunch. Canned chickpeas and tuna are seasoned with cream Mayonnaise, made really special by the addition of Greek yogurt; arugula and cherry tomatoes complete and give the right freshness and flavor: a balanced dish but also smart, who among us doesn’t have canned chickpeas in their cupboard?

8. Chickpea and zucchini balls

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Whimsical and easy to prepare, chickpea and zucchini balls are the second course perfect for a frugal dinner with friends: with a few simple ingredients you can prepare this early vegetarian version then serve them at room temperature. The smell of turmeric, the delicacy of zucchini and the crunch of the light breadcrumbs: an explosion of flavors and tastes that you will certainly repeat.