Escarole and shrimp salad Granny Marisa’s escarole pizza

Especially in the summer a ‘salad it is always a good idea, if it is enriched with proteins, as in this case, and accompanied by a couple of slices of bread, it becomes a full plate and fulfilling, perfect for both lunch than for the dinner.

L’escarole and shrimp salad is a fresh and light second course of sea that is prepared in a few minutes using tails of shrimp already shelled. For a preparation in record time you can use the already cooked shrimp which are now found in many supermarkets. With the same speed you can enhance this simple dish by using more valuable shrimps or other types of shellfish like the scampI the cicadas of the sea.

The fish it is an excellent starting point for preparing tasty salads and cold dishes. Not only crustaceans and molluscs, many other species can be used for this type of preparation. The swordfish salad, the cod salad with polenta chips and the spicy fish salad, made with sea bass, are just some of the many tasty recipes that can be made with fish.

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Preparation time
15 min
Cooking time

3 min



Total time

18 min

How to prepare: Escarole and shrimp salad

Preparation of escarole and prawn salad - Phase 1

Preparation of escarole and prawn salad - Phase 1

It takes a few minutes to prepare the escarole and shrimp salad. First, boil the shrimp tails for three minutes in salted water. Drain and let them cool. In a salad bowl, arrange the carefully washed and chopped escarole and the washed and halved cherry tomatoes. Then add the prawn tails.

Preparation of escarole and prawn salad - Phase 2

Preparation of escarole and prawn salad - Phase 2

In a bowl, prepare a citronette by emulsifying the oil with the lemon juice, a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper. Add the desalted capers to the salad, dress it with the prepared citronette and mix. Bring the escarole and shrimp salad straight to the table.


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