Fried polenta with balsamic vinegar Garland of bread with cotechino

There Fried polenta with balsamic vinegar traditional DOP it is a very simple but very greedy dish: cubes covered with one crispy crust irresistible. From the quick and easy recipe, it is enjoyed with pleasure as starter, rustic finger food from aperitif and a tasty snack at any time.


  • 400 g of corn flour for polenta
  • water
  • corn foil
  • peanut oil for frying
  • salt
  • balsamic vinegar

How to prepare: Fried polenta with balsamic vinegar

Fried polenta was originally born, in the popular field, as a way to recycle leftover polenta and make it tastier with little. Objective absolutely achieved! These cubes of Fried polenta with traditional DOP balsamic vinegar they are a real treat, appetizers to serve as starter or at the time ofaperitif which are always enjoyed with great pleasure.

The recipe calls for one Preparation very rapid and which refers to the procedure of the famous Sicilian chickpea panelle. Obtained from cold polenta many cubes, they are rolled into corn foil and they are fried. In a few minutes these morsels are ready, soft inside and crunchy outside, embellished with a few drops of PDO balsamic vinegar for a mutual exaltation of taste. To learn how to use traditional balsamic vinegar in the kitchen in the best way, read How to cook with PDO balsamic vinegar.

You can prepare the Polenta in the traditional way, and in this case the cooking will be a little longer, or opt for the quick cooking polenta which still ensures a good result. The alternative, to speed up the time, is to prepare the Polenta with the Thermomix, perhaps choosing between craved flour, coarse or fine, or wholemeal corn.

If you like the idea of ​​preparing polenta-based snacks do not miss the polenta and cheese skewers, the corn clouds or the rich baskets of polenta with gorgonzola and speck.

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Easy execution Preparation time 10 min Cooking time 30 min – 40 min Resting place room temperature Standing time 30 min Servings 4 – 6

How to prepare: Fried polenta with balsamic vinegar

Preparation Fried polenta with balsamic vinegar - Phase 1

Preparation Fried polenta with balsamic vinegar - Phase 1

If you do not have leftover polenta, prepare it as you prefer, with the amount of water and cooking times indicated on the package. Line a large, flat baking sheet or wooden cutting board with lightly moistened parchment paper. Once cooked, spread the polenta in a uniform and not too thick layer. Let it cool and solidify for at least 30 minutes. When it has solidified, cut it into regular cubes.

Preparation Fried polenta with balsamic vinegar - Phase 2

Preparation Fried polenta with balsamic vinegar - Phase 2

Pass the polenta cubes in the corn flour so that they remain covered evenly. Heat abundant peanut oil in a pan with high sides and when it is hot, fry a few cubes of polenta at a time, turning them on themselves until a crispy crust forms. Remove them with a slotted spoon and place them on the fried paper to drain.

Preparation Fried polenta with balsamic vinegar - Phase 3

As they are ready, transfer the fried polenta cubes to a serving dish and serve hot after having seasoned them with a few drops of PDO Balsamic Vinegar.