Maltagliati bread soup with sausage

There bread soup it’s a soup made from bread, beans, courgettes and others more typically autumn and winter vegetables. It’s a great idea to bring a healthy and balanced single dish, and certainly rewarding.

The recipe is inspired by the ribollita: the most famous Tuscan soup, after being assembled with bread it must rest for 4-5 hours and then be reheated. The bread soup is ready immediately. Even this soup bets, in terms of flavor, on the combination of legumes with the vegetables.

A winning combination, also from a nutritional point of view, which we find in many other proposals where, in a single course, we find the proteins of legumes, more filling and less caloric than those of meat, and a good quantity of vegetables. As in the cabbage and bean soup, in the black cabbage soup and in the legume and chicory soup.

Bread soup by the way is a cheap dish And easy to make (especially if, instead of dried beans, you use canned ones), which hides the secret of its good flavor in its simplicity.

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Preparation time
20 min
Cooking time

2h and 40 min



Total time


How to prepare: Bread soup

Preparation of Bread Soup - Phase 1

Preparation of Bread Soup - Phase 1

To prepare the bread soup, start by cooking the cannellini beans for more or less 40 minutes. In a pan, heat three tablespoons of oil, add the chopped onion, celery and chopped carrots, diced potatoes and, lastly, sliced ​​courgettes.

Preparation of Bread Soup - Phase 2

Preparation of Bread Soup - Phase 2

Cook for about 30 minutes, add salt and add the chard and cabbage cut into strips, leave to flavor for a few minutes, cover and continue cooking. Meanwhile, purée half of the boiled beans and add the purée to the vegetables and all the bean broth.

Preparation of Bread Soup - Phase 3

Preparation of Bread Soup - Phase 3

Simmer for as long as possible, then add the remaining whole beans. In all, cooking will take more or less 2 hours. In a tureen, arrange the bread in layers alternating them with the vegetable soup. Let it rest for the time necessary for the bread to get completely wet.

Preparation of Bread Soup - Phase 4

Distribute the soup on plates, complete with a sprinkle of pepper and serve.