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The MojitoIs a famous cocktail of Cuban origin, made famous by the writer Hemingway: it is a perfect drink for a aperitif or an after dinner. The ingredients are rum, brown sugar, lime, soda and mint. Here she is quick and easy recipe to prepare Mojito at home, with the tips of a professional barman.


  • 2 tablespoons (or a 15 wrench) of white cane sugar
  • 45 ml of white rum
  • 20 ml of fresh lime juice
  • 40 ml soda
  • ice
  • 2 sprigs of fresh mint

We asked Federico Volpe, Bar Manager of the Dry Milano restaurant, to prepare the Mojito recipe.

We tell you what you need to know about this thirst-quenching cocktail to serve as aperitif or after dinner: the glass to use, the ingrediants, some shrewdness And curiosity.

Follow the step by step recipe for making Mojito at home: it only takes you 5-10 minutes. The advice is to prepare all the ingredients on your work surface in order to speed up preparation times. There alcohol content is medium: it is around 18%.

The Mojito belongs to the family of julep, or cocktails that have fresh mint leaves as their main ingredient, to which sugar, ice and your favorite liqueur are added. This cocktail should not be crushed, but mixed.

A few notes on the history of this cocktail born in the 1930s and symbol of Cuba, together with the Daiquiri: it has become famous thanks to the writer Ernest Hemingway, who stayed in Cuba in the 1950s and used to drink Mojito at the famous La Bodeguita del Medio.

The ingrediants del Mojito are very simple (white rum, lime, brown sugar, soda, mint); for the success of the cocktail they must be of good quality: choose mint fresh as it plays a decisive role, as does rum.

Each cocktail has its own glass and its own preparation technique. The glass for the Mojito it is a high tumbler, with a cylindrical shape. Also equip yourself with a bar spoon, teaspoon with the elongated handle ideal for mixing and lightly mashing the ingredients in the cocktail glass.

The state of the art Mojito provides that the mint is not crushed, but pressed or rather rubbed lightly on the sides of the glass.

Another foresight for a good Mojito? Used two sprigs of fresh mint, not only the leaves: the part of the branch is in fact the most aromatic, which broken and rubbed on the glass releases essential oils with an intense aroma that give a special touch to your Mojito.

Foresight number 3: to obtain a more abundant lime juice massage the lime with your hands in order to warm it to the touch. Keep in mind that this fruit is usually kept in the fridge and by massaging it you will raise the temperature making it more juicy.

If you like the fresh taste of Mojito try the Mojito Cake and Mojito Popsicles, perfect recipes for the summer.

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How to prepare: Mojito

Easy execution Preparation time 5 min Servings 1

How to prepare: Mojito

Mojito Preparation - Phase 1

Mojito Preparation - Phase 1

The first thing to do to prepare a Mojito is to take two sprigs of mint, break them with your hands and insert them into the glass. Then add two tablespoons of white cane sugar. Now pour in the fresh lime juice.

Mojito Preparation - Phase 2

Mojito Preparation - Phase 2

With the help of a bar spoon, enliven the mint: rub it on the walls of the glass in order to release the essential oils of which the aromatic herb is rich. The bar spoon is a teaspoon with an elongated handle used by barmen for the preparation of cocktails. Add the soda.

Mojito Preparation - Phase 3

Mojito Preparation - Phase 3

Add the ice and white rum. Mix everything with the bar spoon, which draws the sugar up.

Mojito Preparation - Phase 4

Garnish with a sprig of mint. Your Mojito is ready. Health!