Negroni or false Negroni? The video recipe from one of the best bartenders in Italy

the Negroni and the Bad Negroni are two of most popular cocktails in the world. Tasty, elegant, they meet the tastes of a wide audience. The Recipe of these two drinks is enough Easy, it is important to remember only little tips here and there. He explains these tips to us Vincenzo Pagliara, one of the owners of Folk workshop, cocktail bar in Pomigliano d’Arco, in the province of Naples.

A Brief History of the Negroni and the “Wrong”

The Negroni is a legendary cocktail who crossed the borders of Italy and history. Born in Florence in the 1910s, it is today one of the most famous and drunk drinks in the world. The idea came from the bartender Fosco Scarselli who wanted to applaud the Count Camillo Negroni to the Cafe Casoni. The drink was a hit and conquered the tastes of Orson Wells And Ian fleming who have ordered this cocktail often in their lifetime.

The history of Negroni is very tangled and there are many dissonances about the dates and the ingredients themselves: today it is made with gin, vermouth and bitters but, reading old interviews with Scarselli, the gin was not there in the first Negroni. This drink was born as an Americano, the only variation of which is a few drops of amaro with vermouth, soda and bitters. Probably the recipe has changed over time, thanks to the spread of the cocktail: it was much easier to find gin outside Italy than amaro which is a liqueur “endemic” to our country.


However, there is no doubt about the bad Negroni too because it is a trademark from Low bar from Milan, the place which in 1972 invented the cocktail thanks to the bartender Mirko Stocchetto. It differs from the Florentine classic Negroni by the presence of brut sparkling wine, which replaces gin. The drink thus becomes lighter thanks to the lower alcohol content. Corn how was the bad Negroni born? In 1972, a stumbling block became a myth: Stocchetto was during the preparation of a Negroni takes it by mistake (or for fun) takes a sparkling wine out of the fridge instead of gin and that’s how the “Wrong” was born. The catchphrase of the cocktail becomes a cross and a delight of the low bar and the whole “Milan to drink“, served in an oversized glass with a large ice cube. Even today this drink is among the most popular in the world and during its 49 years of life it has had many gifts some of the best bars around.

How to fool the Negroni and the Negroni

Let’s start with the Negroni recipe, a drink that is very easy to prepare but you have to be very careful with the doses because vermouth has an alcohol content that varies between 14 ° and 28 ° and gin is a very strong distillate.

Pour ice in a low cup or old-fashioned until completely filled, drain the water and add 1/3 gin, 1/3 bitter and 1/3 red vermouth. Gently mix the ingredients for 20 seconds, garnish with an orange slice and serve.

For the wrong Negroni recipe, you have to follow the exact same procedure: the only thing you have to change is the distillate, no longer the gin but the sparkling wine.