Quick Mezze Sleeves with ‘nduja Mezze Sleeves, potatoes, beans and tomatoes with basil

That of Quick half sleeves with ‘nduja is a recipe with a well-defined character with a seasoning tasty, tasty for palates who are not afraid of an ingredient like the famous’ nduja Calabrian sausage red due to the high concentration of chilli it contains.

A dish that is prepared in 10 minutes: while the pasta is cooking, the sauce is taken care of and the result is surprising, not at all trivial.

Measure the quantity of ‘nduja, the main ingredient, according to the tastes of your guests as well as yours. Excessive spiciness risks tarnishing all the other flavors of the dish, especially anchovies and olives. The final crunchy note, given by the bread (as well as almonds and pistachios) completes the dish wonderfully.

Lovers of this regional specialty can also try the Risotto alla ‘nduja and stracciatella di burrata or propose it in the traditional recipe of Fileja alla’ nduja.

OTHER TASTY RECIPES: Half sleeves with broccoli, tuna bottarga and pecorino cheese; Rigatoni with bread, butter and anchovies,

Preparation time
10 min
Cooking time

10 min



How to prepare: Quick half sleeves with ‘nduja

Preparation Quick Mezze Sleeves with 'nduja - Phase 1

Preparation Quick Mezze Sleeves with 'nduja - Phase 1

To prepare these quick half sleeves with ‘nduja, first put the pasta on the stove: while it cooks you will prepare the sauce. Put a spoonful of ‘nduja in a pan, adjust to your taste but don’t overdo it or it will cover all the flavors. You can add a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil or let it soften without further seasoning. Now add the 4 anchovies already chopped, a clove of garlic (if you want, you can chop it finely).

Preparation Quick Mezze Sleeves with 'nduja - Phase 2

Preparation Quick Mezze Sleeves with 'nduja - Phase 2

Coarsely chop the Taggiasca olives and add them to the sauce you are preparing. Always chop the almonds and pistachios coarsely and mix them together. Set aside a spoonful of grains, you will need it to decorate the dish.

Preparation Quick Mezze Manche with 'nduja - Phase 3

Preparation Quick Mezze Manche with 'nduja - Phase 3

the last step requires toasting stale bread, reduced to crumbs, in a non-stick pan. Drain the pasta and add it to the sauce. It is a good rule to always keep aside a little cooking water to add to the pasta in the pan, to soften it if it is too dry. Serve the pasta with strong pesto completing it with the toasted bread crumbs and a little chopped almonds and pistachios.


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