Rice pancakes Donuts in the oven

The recipe for making these Fried Rice it’s pretty easy: we start from rice cooked in milk to which to add egg, sugar And raisins. The mixture obtained is fried by spoonfuls in abundant hot oil and the result is ideal for one snack substantial that will appeal to children as much as adults.

The pancakes they are among the most loved desserts of all because they have the power to evoke childhood with a single bite: try the Frittelle del luna park, or the Apple fritters. This preparation also has tasty savory variations, such as zucchini fritters or fontina, walnut and sage fritters.

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Preparation time
20 min
Cooking time

30 min


6 – 8

Total time

55 min

How to prepare: Rice pancakes

Preparation of rice pancakes - Phase 1

Preparation of rice pancakes - Phase 1

To make the rice fritters, place a pan with half a liter of cold water, milk, sugar, rice and lemon cut into slices on the stove. Cook for about twenty minutes over medium heat, stirring constantly. Just before removing from the heat, add the raisins that you have left to soften in warm water for about ten minutes. Remove from the heat, transfer to a bowl, let it cool and remove the lemon slices. At this point, add the flour, the three whole eggs, the two egg yolks and a pinch of yeast to the cooled rice. Mix everything carefully. If the mixture is too liquid, add more flour.

Preparation of rice pancakes - Phase 2

Preparation of rice pancakes - Phase 2

Fry the mixture in spoonfuls in a large pan with plenty of hot oil. The pancakes must float on the oil, if they sink it means that the temperature is still too low. When they are golden brown remove them with a slotted spoon, arrange them on absorbent kitchen paper to dry them well. Sprinkle the rice pancakes with powdered sugar and serve hot or lukewarm.