Soft Bûche de Noël donut with marrons glacés and chocolate

Preparation time
20 min
Cooking time

35 min


8 – 10

How to prepare: Soft donut

Soft Donut Preparation - Phase 1

Soft Donut Preparation - Phase 1

Start preparing the soft donut by working 150 g of sugar with oil and yogurt in a bowl with an electric mixer (or in that of the planetary mixer) until you get a homogeneous mixture. Add the well sifted powders: flour, corn starch and baking powder. Stir until combined.

Soft Donut Preparation - Phase 2

Soft Donut Preparation - Phase 2

In a second bowl, start whipping the egg whites until a surface froth forms. From this moment on, add the remaining 50 g of sugar a little at a time, always using the whipping. You will need to get a foamy meringue. Incorporate it in several stages, mixing from bottom to top so as not to disassemble.

Soft Donut Preparation - Phase 3

Soft Donut Preparation - Phase 3

When you have obtained a homogeneous mixture pour it into a 26 cm diameter donut mold well greased and floured. Level and bake in a preheated oven at 180 ° for about 30-35 minutes, checking the cooking with a toothpick.

Soft Donut Preparation - Phase 4

Remove the soft donut from the oven and let it cool before turning it over onto a serving dish. Serve with powdered sugar to taste.


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